Learning Curve… and a Favor

As with many things in life, starting a new blog involves a bit of a learning curve. One thing I’ve learned (about blogging) is that WordPress (the blogging software I’m using) comes in two flavors: one is hosted on their wordpress.com website and the other runs on the blogger’s own ISP.

The self-hosted version of WordPress offers greater flexibility, more plug-ins, etc., so I registered “onsongwriting.com” as a URL through GoDaddy so I could run the groovier version. Probably more info than anyone but me should care about, except for one detail: the original RSS feeds set up on this site will not automatically transfer to the new domain.


So here’s the favor to ask… If you are an RSS subscriber to this site (onsongwriting.wordpress.com) and wish to continue being notified when I post new blogs and songwriter profiles, you will need to sign up for a brand new subscription at the new URL:


Simply click on the link above and then choose your notification preference: RSS or email. Both options appear at the top of the right-hand column on the new site.

I appreciate your interest in On Songwriting and apologize for inconveniencing the dozens of early supporters who already took the time to set up an RSS feed once. So it goes with this particular learning curve (sigh), but I hope to see you at the new site — www.onsongwriting.com — real soon!

Rick Jamison


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